A Particularly Powerful Principle of Happiness

It has been said (and of course, as a motivational speaker, I deeply believe) the following principle:  That which we think about and dwell upon we tend to become and draw more of to our lives.

Don’t you know those people who ALWAYS seem to be miserable?  They seem to have SO many things that are wrong in their lives.  And boy, do they ever focus and dwell upon their unhappy lot.  Just ask them how they are and they will eagerly tell you about their new bunion, the huge tax bill that’s due, the black spot on their roses, and the rash on their butt.

Conversely there are those people who ALWAYS seem to be happy.  They’re smiling, joyful and just wonderful to be around.  And while it may not appear as if they have all THAT much to be happy about, they always seem to in such a state of gratitude for what they do have.

These people are simply exercising their ability to CHOOSE at any moment, exactly what they want to focus on.

So I’m curious.  What will you focus on today?

From your extremely grateful motivational speaker, Linda Larsen


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  1. Yes Yes Yes! What we speak is what we become. Motivational speaker truth! What we believe about ourself will become true – whether it started true or not. Thanks for the reminder Linda! Now I’ve got to go believe myself skinny.

  2. Yes the line whatever we focus on the longest becomes the strongest pops to mind. Perspective is everything, and choosing to see the joy allows the world to show us more. Lovely, Linda.

  3. Linda, you know me.  I am always happy because I choose to be.  I am married to a pessimist.  I love him, but I am not him and his pessimism hasn’t brought me down after all these years.  I have a powerful mindset on this regard and it’s my lifeline.  Dr. Andrew Weil posted an apt article on this subject that I found very supporting of your keen observation.  I always appreciate another rung on the ladder of life to cling to the way you present them!  xoxo

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