A Food Riddle For You

apple banana pearOne of the stories I tell as a motivational speaker on health and wellness is about the classic Old Maid Identical Twins. They lived together their whole lives, never married, did everything the same: same church, same friends, same hobbies, same lifestyle, same, same, same. When they turned 70 one of the twins' health started declining while the other twin remained healthy.  Their doctor (whom they both went to for decades) was perplexed by this because he knew their identical history. After investigating all the possibilities the ONLY thing he could find that was different between the two was that one of the sisters always ate a piece of fruit in the afternoon while the other did not. That was the only difference. Hmmm, could it be that eating 1 piece of fruit a day for 50 years would make the difference between maintaining vital health and not?? Read my blog here and you might be more convinced of the amazing health benefits of fruit.


Motivational Speaker Polly Pitchford didn’t always know the phytochemical benefits of kale, in fact, those words weren’t even in her vocabulary 30 years ago. Neither did she see any reason to do jumping jacks on a cement surface for an hour. But all it took was a chance vegetarian cooking class and some high-energy music to open her eyes upon a whole new world of healthy living. For 30 years Polly has practiced, studied, taught, educated and lived a healthy lifestyle that makes her such a powerful speaker.

Polly’s down-to-Earth and humorous approach mirrors her own lifelong journey to lasting, positive changes. The audience walks away with tangible plans for improving their health and their lives through food, fitness and fun.
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  1. Wow! That is AMAZINGLY cool information, Polly! No kidding, I am getting up from my chair right now and going for that gorgeous plum before John gets it!  I LOVE this info! LOVE it!

  2. Here's to fruit! Your information is always inspiring.

  3. I thought about you the other day when I ventured into the world of Tofu.  Got any good recipes?  I'm kinda liking this stuff – makes me feel so healthy eating it!


  4. And Atkins made us think fruit was bad. Tsk tsk tsk.

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