8 Kids in 8 Years….thanks mom!

Brining home annual baby!

Brining home annual baby!

As we celebrate Mother's day, let me just say how impressed I am with my own mother. I know, I know, everyone is a little biased about their own moms. But, as an adult, I look back in awe of my mom.  Can you imagine having 8 kids in 8 years? I have no idea what strength and courage it took to raise such a family.

Thanks mom – you owned your own business while managing to prepare sit-down dinners every night. You came to virtually all of my volleyball games and horse shows. You even taught me how to speak a little Japanese! 

My mom also has a wicked sense of humor. She sent me this long lost photo of herself with the caption, "Bringing home annual baby!" I love it!  The difference between men and women? I showed the picture to my dad and his response was typical. "I remember that car!"  

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

From your grateful you didn't stop youngest of the bunch, Marilyn 


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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing mom! And gorgeous too! And she speaks Japanese? Wow! Wonder Woman!

  2. Marilyn, those pics of your Mom are just gorgeous. And, to answer your question, "NO, I can't imagine having 8 children in 8 years. I had two within 17 months and that was a handful." Amazing woman — amazing daughter.

  3. 8 kids in 8 years? Wow! Where were you in the mix  Marilyn?

    • To answer your question Kelly, I'm the baby.  The last one. Finito.  Mom's priest said it was okay to stop – she has done her part! For a long time, I would identify that I'm #7.  I still say that when I'm calling my dad's office – telling his receptionist to say that #7 is on the line. But, I don't want to forget Mary. She was born several years before me, and she lived for 2 days.  So, I'm not the youngest of 7, but of 8.  (Thanks to Yves who graciously pointed that out to me!) 

  4. Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud at your dad's response!!  What an amazing mom you had, Marilyn. Talk about strength!!

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