Maybe next time it’ll be different

My wife Carrie is out of town today. The kids and I excitedly started our “Bad Dad Day” adventure at oh-my-gosh-it’s early-o’clock this morning. Once … [Read more...]

The Art of Loving Detachment

As a motivational speaker I share a LOT of the things with my audiences that I most need to work on in my life.  And here's a big one for me that I … [Read more...]

Five Golden Words Of Customer Service

I was booked as a motivational speaker recently for a hospital staff event.  I love speaking to hospital groups. I do not like parking. I am … [Read more...]

So, what do you do? One simple question that answered properly could help you get more business.

Change your title from "I am" to "I help".As a motivational speaker, I meet a lot of people - on stage and off - and one of the most popular questions … [Read more...]

How To Get Up and Get Moving!

As much as I love the feeling I get after a good workout, I often have a hard time convincing myself to get up and get moving!  It's always helpful to … [Read more...]

Back It Up: Strengthen and Stretch Your Back for Body Balance

My pet peeve?  Rounded shoulders.  Maybe it's because my mother knew that all of us would be tall and being the tallest in class, as a girl, was … [Read more...]

Larsen’s Words That Don’t Work: “Don’t You Even Care?”

Ah, this one is a double edged sword.  And both edges are really sharp.  If the person DOES care – then you have just insulted them and that will not … [Read more...]

Follow Up Follow Up Follow Up

Okay, this motivational speaker is aiming today's message at HERSELF. Perhaps you are the queen of follow up. Well, if you are the queen, I am the … [Read more...]

Larsen’s Words That ALMOST Worked: “Thank You For Seeing…”

OK.  These could be very great words, but let's dig a little deeper and make CERTAIN we know what we are going to follow those words with.  Consider … [Read more...]

Has your dream turned on you and got you scared to death?

If you had a great dream and suddenly it doesn't feel so great anymore - read this post - and you might find that what you are experiencing is normal. … [Read more...]