11 years later, Jennifer Hudson made rejection look good!

Rejection is never final

Rejection is never final

11 years ago today, Jennifer Hudson was voted off, yes voted off of American Idol. There is a lot we can learn from her so called 'failure' on one of America's top reality singing competitions.  She didn't go away, she didn't give up, she never got bitter. She just went on living her dream of singing, then added acting to the mix. Did I mention she is an Academy Award winning actress for her role in Dream Girls?

Seems like yesterday that American Idol crowned Fantasia the winner of the season that Jennifer was voted out. But, it's been 11 years and I think Jennifer has done just fine. 

Whenever I don't get something that I think I deserve, I think of Jennifer and imagine that there is something better to come. I'm reminded of how devasted I was that a woman I hired to work for me decided after months of putting off her start date, that she wasn't going to work for me. I was crushed. But, seven months later I was picked up by Standard Ovation, a speaker management company. I am so happy that it worked out! Had I hired this other woman, I don't think I would have had this other opportunity. 

So take it from Jennifer. If you get voted off your island today, there must be something better aound the corner!

From your happy to help you shift your perspective motivational speaker, Marilyn Sherman


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  1. Great reminder to take that rejection in stride!  Before I became a professional motivational speaker, I was in a long term relationship that ended – not of my choosing. I was really sad. But then a year later – along came John Scalzi! The most amazing man on the planet! 19 years later I wish I could go THANK that other guy in person! Hey. I just might.

  2. Yes! Motivational speakers get rejected too as I wrote in my blog yesterday. Yet, the individuals I most admire, dust themselves off and keep going as Jennifer Hudson has certainly done. Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt, but when we let it go and grow, magic can happen.

  3. Thank you, Marilyn, for this well-timed reminder. Sometimes we get wrapped up in thinking that if we don't "win" we don't win. When it's simply not true. And just because we aren't chosen by one, doesn't mean we won't be chosen by another.

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