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Today I Celebrate My New Book Series!

Motivational Speaker Finishes Book Series - FINALLY ! Today this funny motivational speaker is wearing the pointy hat and blowing the horn and … [MSR - Read More...]

A Coffee Nap is Not an Oxymoron

If you’re like this motivational speaker, coffee is not just a morning ritual, but a morning requirement. And, after a long night, I’ve … [MSR - Read More...]

Bitsy’s Conquering Fear Idear

Today's blog is an audio story. So when you have a free minute and a warm cup of coffee, settle in for a funny motivating message for women. I … [MSR - Read More...]

There’s a First Time for Everything

As a funny motivational speaker who is always on the prowl for inspiration, I’m a sucker for those social media image quotes. You know the … [MSR - Read More...]

How do you stay sharp?

This is the time of year where we see a lot of back-to-school shopping. It reminds me of taking tests with #2 Pencils which reminds me to stay sharp. … [MSR - Read More...]

A Food Riddle For You

One of the stories I tell as a motivational speaker on health and wellness is about the classic Old Maid Identical Twins. They lived together … [MSR - Read More...]

Just Gimme Some Kinda Sign

Do you believe in signs? You know, that "thing" that appears at the exact moment you need it? I surely do.  One came … [MSR - Read More...]

Masterful Audience Engagement – ALA Bruno Mars

It's not only professional motivational speakers who have the need to engage audiences. Everyone, at one time or another, will find … [MSR - Read More...]

An Effective Speech Is Like Tomato Paste

So I've made for you... If you have ever watched any food competition I'm sure you've heard that opening phrase out of … [MSR - Read More...]

Make the Shift From Stressed to Blessed

One of my favorite mantras is, “I’m too blessed to be stressed.” I know many of us, including motivational speakers, struggle with … [MSR - Read More...]