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Motivational Speakers Share Their Humor Tips

Today I don't want to write as much as start a conversation. What do YOU do when you need to add humor to a … [MSR - Read More...]

Size Does Not Matter

Guest Post by Business Keynote Speaker Meridith Elliott Powell: Actually - Size Does NOT Matter! 3 Reasons To Always … [MSR - Read More...]

How long would you accept being yelled at?

Have you ever been in an argument where the other person's anger escalated to screaming?  Have you ever engaged with said anger and … [MSR - Read More...]

Motivational Speaker And Actor On How to Sound Spontaneous

Yes, I am a motivational speaker now, but for over twenty-five years I was a professional card-carrying actor in film, television and on stages … [MSR - Read More...]

Simple Words to Use…for When There Are No Words

A good friend has just gotten the news no one wants to hear: her test results show cancer. She tells you her diagnosis over the phone, and instantly … [MSR - Read More...]

Happy! Happy! Happy!

His name is Lyman Graham and he is a Food Services Director in New Mexico. He is in charge of making certain that the kids in New Mexico schools get … [MSR - Read More...]

How to Find Possibilities Right In Your Own Home

In her acceptance speech, 2015 Tony Award winner, Lisa Kron, told us about a dream she had. And when I heard what she said every bell in my … [MSR - Read More...]

When will it be my turn?

[MSR - Read More...]

My Time In The Joint

Funny Motivational Speaker Spends Time Behind Bars Yes. I'm hardened now. Tough. Street smart. Nobody messes with me because last week I … [MSR - Read More...]

Memorial Day Redefined

Or should I say, "Defined as it was originally intended." Here's how the creation of Memorial Day was described in General … [MSR - Read More...]