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What’s your story?

I can't stop looking at this picture of my mother when she was 16. You may be wondering why I would write a blog about my mom. Is it … [MSR - Read More...]

Stop and Drink the Lemonade

Deep in thought, I sped up my street just slowly enough to avoid being yelled at by people concerned with others’ safety.  Only after I … [MSR - Read More...]

Embarrassing Moment? Find the Funny!

At a recent keynote, I broke a rule that every speaker learns in Speaker 101. It would be so easy to pretend it didn't happen and … [MSR - Read More...]

Do YOU Go to Work?

Everyone says it. Even motivational speakers say, "I'm going to work." But my friend, highly successful actor Gary Marachek, … [MSR - Read More...]

Funny Motivational Speaker’s Tale of a Love Note Gone Bad

Funny little tale of a love note gone bad...enjoy at my … [MSR - Read More...]

The One Question To Help Manage Your Time

Does this need to be done right now?   If you have more to do, than you have time to do it in - then this question is one you … [MSR - Read More...]

It’s Your Fault You Are Miserable

A little tough love from your motivational speaker... … [MSR - Read More...]


I’m so excited to be the keynote speaker on health and wellness for a group of Administrative Professionals later this month!  The meeting … [MSR - Read More...]

HUGE Secret to Save Yourself Pain Down the Road

I have a brilliant son. Okay, I know, I'm a mom and all moms think that about their children. AND, I do have a brilliant son. And once again, he … [MSR - Read More...]

Pinewood Derby Defeat

Funny Motivational Speaker Shares A Funny Life Lesson Today I want to share with you another lesson learned in the life of a motivational … [MSR - Read More...]