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Successful Motivational Speakers Take a Page From the Broadway Theater Playbook

How do they do it? Those brilliantly talented motivational speakers that we hear about - how do they do it? Look no further than a … [MSR - Read More...]

A Food Riddle For You

One of the stories I tell as a motivational speaker on health and wellness is about the classic Old Maid Identical Twins. They lived together … [MSR - Read More...]

Just Gimme Some Kinda Sign

Do you believe in signs? You know, that "thing" that appears at the exact moment you need it? I surely do.  One came … [MSR - Read More...]

Masterful Audience Engagement – ALA Bruno Mars

It's not only professional motivational speakers who have the need to engage audiences. Everyone, at one time or another, will find … [MSR - Read More...]

An Effective Speech Is Like Tomato Paste

So I've made for you... If you have ever watched any food competition I'm sure you've heard that opening phrase out of … [MSR - Read More...]

Make the Shift From Stressed to Blessed

One of my favorite mantras is, “I’m too blessed to be stressed.” I know many of us, including motivational speakers, struggle with … [MSR - Read More...]

Do people really assume women leaders sleep their way to the top?

Wow - I'm still in shock.  I just read an article about a recent women's leadership conference in Las Vegas. I was at the … [MSR - Read More...]

I Want To Have A Girls Night Party

I have an idea. Well, it's been on my mind for years. I would like your input. I want to host my own event. Not a conference. A … [MSR - Read More...]

I’m Featured In Plus Model Magazine!

Hey friends! This month I'm featured in Plus Model Magazine! How cool is that? It's in their health and wellness segment on positive thinking. … [MSR - Read More...]

Don’t you want to know why service has been cancelled?

It was the call heard around the world. You know, the customer who called their cable company to cancel service.  The customer service rep wanted … [MSR - Read More...]