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Are you energized or drained by other people?

I A question that was posed in a group chat recently was "Are you an extrovert or an introvert?"  Trust me, not all motivational … [MSR - Read More...]

Get More Energy for Everything at the Midday Meal

   We blow it off.  We scarf it down at our desks.  We mindlessly order in (then wonder where our $20 bills went).  Lunch is … [MSR - Read More...]

Which Angie Are You? A lesson in how others see you

 In my 20 plus years as a professional motivational speaker, I've had plenty of people tell me I look like someone. I've had Paula … [MSR - Read More...]

In the Words of Neil deGrasse Tyson – Look Up!

Motivational speakers are always encouraging people to get a bigger perspective - to step outside their world and look at the larger picture. … [MSR - Read More...]

How to Eliminate Excuses Forever

There’s a skill many of us have perfected that we can call on when pressed. For some, it takes years to hone. Others seem to have an innate … [MSR - Read More...]

When Dreams Get Scary!

It's not the absence of fear that takes us to our dream - but the courage to jump anyway, even though we're scared to … [MSR - Read More...]

How to Get a Cranky Person to be Nice to You

As a motivational speaker I spend lots of time in airports, where here is no better place to observe human behavior - at it's best, and at … [MSR - Read More...]

Funny Motivational Speakers Do Zumba

Funny Motivational Speakers Dancing Out of Comfort Zones It's hard to believe that we first posted this story three years ago! But it … [MSR - Read More...]

3 Ways to Eliminate Faulty Focus

It's never too late to go after what you want, and you don't have to wait until a New Year rolls around to get started. Today is the perfect … [MSR - Read More...]

Liar, Liar, Brian Williams Wasn’t Under Fire!

If you put yourself on a healthy media diet, perhaps you missed the lie NBC front man of “Nightly News” Brian Williams shared when … [MSR - Read More...]