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Compassionate Action

As a motivational speaker, I’m inspired by stories of compassion that include taking action which brings me to 31-year-old, Michigan police … [MSR - Read More...]

Are You Leaving Out The Most Crucial Part Of Your Speech?

Are you forgetting the most important part of your presentation? … [MSR - Read More...]

Are You Wasting Your Freedom?

On a recent trip to Washington DC, I made it a point to visit the National Mall, specifically to visit the memorials. Seeing the reflection of a … [MSR - Read More...]

Helper’s High

More proof that when we do something nice for others, we’re the ones reaping the rewards: A study of college students found that those … [MSR - Read More...]

How Well Do You Know Your Customer’s Story?

The more I learn about storytelling as it applies to the business of being a motivational speaker, the more I learn how important our customer's … [MSR - Read More...]

Spooky Speaker Stories

In honor of Halloween and all things's my blog post on the scary side of being a motivational speaker. Maybe you can … [MSR - Read More...]

Women encouraging women

I'm very honored to be featured in this issue of the Women Inpacting Women. It's all about sharing inspiring stories - and I shared something … [MSR - Read More...]

The Courage To Jump

As a motivational speaker I encourage people to jump - to swallow their fear, close their eyes, and leap.  So it makes my heart sing when I get … [MSR - Read More...]

How to Take “Thank You” to an Art Form

I have LONG touted the importance and benefits of expressing your gratitude to others. And I'm sure I'm not the only motivational speaker on … [MSR - Read More...]

Motivational Speaker’s Gift For You!

I couldn't get him to see that what I was telling him would help him so much if he would just listen.  It was a little thing he could do … [MSR - Read More...]